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Episode 190: Jim Miller and All Things FOOTBALL!

We want to hear all about it. It’s the latest No Filter Sports Podcast with Bob Page, Denny McLain and Fred Huemann filling in for Eli Zaret! What a football journey JIM...

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Episode 189: From BO to — BODY PARTS?!

What did you sell to people?! It’s the latest No Filter Sports Podcast with Eli Zaret, Bob Page and Fred Huemann filling in for Denny McLain! A tough day for a former MICHIGAN...

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Episode 188: Todd Stottlemyre Might Just Change YOUR Life!

Become the observer of the way you’re thinking. It’s the latest No Filter Sports Podcast with Eli Zaret, Denny McLain and Bob Page! What stories TODD STOTTLEMYRE has about his famous dad, baseball, personal tragedy and...

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Episode 187: WOW! What a World Series!

All five games have been great! It’s the latest No Filter Sports Podcast with Bob Page, Denny McLain — and Lary Sorensen sitting in for Eli! If a tree...

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About Our Show

“No Filter” means just that: free from team or corporate affiliation to speak without any filter or restrictions. Eli Zaret, legendary Detroit Tigers pitcher Denny McLain and Bob Page have covered sports in traditional broadcasting for decades and bring their combined experience and knowledge of sports and media to this new show. Among the three of them, they’ve seen more games, covered more stories and spent more years reporting on sports, both in Detroit and New York, than any other three colleagues in broadcast media or podcasting.

Now, thanks to smart-phone technology and the tremendous growth of podcasts, you can listen to the most hard-hitting, funniest, most entertaining — and best — sports show in Michigan anywhere you go and whenever you want to!

Photo of Denny, Bob and Eli around the table in the recording studio.

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