No Filter Sports – Episode 12 – 2/18/19

  • Welcome to No Filter Sports with Eli Zaret, Denny McLain and Bob Page.
  • Is MSU basketball finished following its latest crippling injury? Bob says that huge Michigan series is now a dud.
  • MLB free agency and money madness: $300,000,000 isn’t enough?! An off-season plumber demands more than two million bucks?! When will middle-class fans paying the freight say “Enough!”?
  • Denny goes nuts over a 10-game winner’s Cy Young.
  • Eli explains how he once got a $20 bill from Mike Ilitch — who told him, “keep the change.”
  • After an NBA All-Star Game with a ridiculous 350 points, is there any all-star game really worth watching?
  • Plus, a Michigan guy becomes sports’ biggest rat!
  • And the boys tell you how YOU can join the show too — right here!

No Filter Sports – Episode 11 – 2/14/19

  • Welcome to No Filter Sports with Eli Zaret, Denny McLain and Bob Page.
  • Spring Training is upon us and Eli, Denny and Bob don’t like what’s going on in baseball. Denny also doesn’t like a certain Hall of Famer who he says is “the most overrated player in baseball history!” You’ll be surprised to hear who it is.
  • Kevin Durant to the Knicks? Bob says New York is an overrated sports town — and rips Durant a new one!
  • Denny was so furious with the Tigers over contract negotiations he did WHAT? And then debunks one of the most famous stories in Tigers history!
  • Is the NHL defeating itself? Detroit broadcasting changes — and much more!

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