Bob Page

Episode 3: Matt Patricia (and more)

He’s not the genius we thought he was. 

Welcome to No Filter Sports with Eli ZaretDenny McLain and Bob Page.

Episode 2: Denny McLain, Baseball Then & Now (and more)– 9/1/18

I don’t know if there’s ever been a pitcher who left a game not hurt.

Welcome to No Filter Sports with Eli Zaret, Denny McLain & Bob Page!

  • In this episode, Eli and Denny reunite and discuss Denny’s playing days compared to today’s and chat with Lynn Henning of The Detroit News.

Episode 1: Jimmy King. The Fab 5 and Michigan Basketball (and more)

In this episode, Eli sits down with former Michigan Fab 5 star Jimmy King. 

  • The guys discuss the heyday of his time at U of M and life after basketball.
  • Stay tuned for more shows!