No Filter Fans: Thank You!!!

No Filter Fans,
The No Filter Sports Podcast with Eli Zaret, Denny McLain & Bob Page is on hiatus for the time being. Please stay subscribed to the No Filter Sports Podcast on your podcast app as additional episodes may be in the offing sometime down the road.
We express sincere thanks to the many thousands of you who listened over the last two years. Your loyalty and feedback have been appreciated more than you may think. Thanks as well to the 150 or so guest interviewees who participated on our 200+ episodes. All previous episodes remain available on the No Filter website. 
We also thank the advertisers who made this show possible, and to all of you those who donated to the show and played a much-needed role in enabling us to meet our expenses. 
Donations to the show will no longer be accepted, so please curtail your automatic payments.
So there is no mystery, Eli turned 70 in 2020 and felt the need to take a break from 45 years in sports commenting in order to see if retirement suits him. Denny has some health issues to deal with that requires him to back away for now. As for Bob, he wants to keep going, and perhaps he’ll figure out a way in the interim.
Again, thank you for your support for No Filter Sports!