Dave Rozema in Detroit Tiger's uniform on ground clutching knee.

What an incredible character!

It’s the latest No Filter Sports Podcast with Eli Zaret, Denny McLain and Bob Page!

  • Ex-Tiger DAVE ROZEMA dishes on The Brawl, on Campbell/Lajoie/Sparky, The Bird and MUCH MORE!
  • Bob says the Coronavirus (panic) gets more ridiculous all the time. SEEMS like even Eli and Denny are starting to agree.
  • And while the BOYS never run out of material, what on earth are they doing on sports talk radio and ESPN now?
  • What sports ARE still going on? The AFL! Just don’t tune in expecting to see John Hadl or Joe Namath. 
  • And don’t go to casinos either! They’re shut down. Think of the money lost by ALL concerned!
  • Tom Brady is, amazingly, a Tampa Bay Buc. What “outrageous” demands did he make of them?
  • Whether prep basketball superstar Emoni Bates? A Detroit scribe says he either goes right to the NBA – OR to MSU!
  • We’ve been tellin’ ya: get ready for Robo-Ump! The Florida State League will be trying it out — IF they ever play.
  • Eli upset (again) about YOUR Mailbag? Golly, what a surprise. But Denny and Bob will fight for you!
  • Those stories, high praise for Mr. and Mrs. McLain and more right here.